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Frequently Asked Questions

What Documents do I need to bring for Taxes?

Your prior year tax return, and current income information. If you’re a business, a backup of your QuickBooks file can be used. Details are important. The more precise the information is, the answers go from rules of thumb, to personalized answers for your needs.

What makes you better than other accountants?

Make sure you use a CPA. CPA’s are required to obtain at least 40 hours of continuing education each year. I like to meet with people myself, and get to know you. As we build a relationship together, advice can be given based on the knowledge gained over the years

Why switch from my current accountant?

Chances are that you’re not satisfied with your current accountant if you’re reading this. I offer a free, no strings attached get to know you meeting. You can discuss what you need from your accountant, and I can go over what I can offer you. If our expectations aren’t a match, there is no commitment or fees for the meeting. I want to be comfortable with you as a client, and I want you to be comfortable with me.

What do I need to provide for you to do payroll?

The business’s Federal Tax ID#
State Withholding account number – This should be the same as the sales tax account number and can be found on the payroll report NC5.

State unemployment number – this would be on form NCUI 101

Voided Check – it will be used to pay payroll taxes and make direct deposits to your employees.

Pay period date range, and the date that the check / DD should be made on.

Owner’s legal name, SSN, birthdate, and cell phone number.

Payroll information for each pay period that has been paid so far this year. If you have a YTD payroll summary, that would be nice to have too.

For each employee (that was paid in the current year) past or present for W-2’s:
Legal name
Email address
Employee’s bank information for direct deposit
W-4 / NC 4 to tell me how much to withhold.
Pay rate per person

I’ll be here to help along the way!

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